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Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered on the combination of economic feasibility, flexibility and partnership. We see our customers as partners with whom we reach a common target. Having long time partners enable us to easily match their needs with our profiles and expertise. On our engagements we either follow our partners existing business processes and targets or we bring our own to close cooperation and mutual success. 

ADR Group focus is always high value work, customer-oriented projects with careful and detail time and budget planning and execution, our core values enable us to provide a competitive advantage as economic feasibility leads to sustainable commitments, flexibility as we can easily adapt and overcome challenges and partnerships which are last longing facilitating understanding and anticipating needs and quickly overcome them.

The three control factors (budget time and resources) require permanent controlling. To ensure this, we do recurrent review and quality meetings and report detailed results to our customers. So step by step we reach a high customer integration and customer satisfaction building last longing relationships

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